Nominations as of 11/4/2021


Director – John Goddard – Nominated and Accepted

Assistant Director – Mark Reeves - Nominated and Accepted

Treasurer – Janie Fox - Nominated and Accepted

Secretary – Pam Reeves - Nominated and Accepted

Head Road Captain – Shelly Schweigert - Nominated and Accepted

Safety – Rick Johnson - Nominated and Accepted

LOH – Cindy Daab - Nominated and Accepted

Webmaster – Michael Ross - Nominated and Accepted

Editor – Michael Ross - Nominated and Accepted

Membership – Michael Ross - Was nominated and accepted

Photographer – David Amlin - Nominated and Accepted

Activities - Cindy Johnson  - Nominated and Accepted              



Job Descriptions (See link below) The information in [ ] is unique stuff an officer will do for PSHOG

Primary Officers

Director: shall uphold this Charter, conduct chapter meetings and coordinate chapter officer responsibilities.

Assistant Director: shall be responsible for promoting membership, membership orientation, membership retention, and keeping the chapter members informed of H.O.G.® programs.

Treasurer: shall be responsible for collecting and disbursing chapter funds, reporting financial transactions to sponsoring Dealer/H.O.G.® Manager on a monthly basis, compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.

Secretary: shall be responsible for administering and maintaining meeting minutes, annual reports, membership reports on hog.com, insurance and legal documentation, event releases, and enrollment releases. These permanent records shall be kept at the sponsoring Dealership


Secondary Officers

Activities Officer: assisting in planning and administering chapter events.  [Since the Sound Harley was purchased in 2020, we foresee less work to help with dealer events. The Activities Officer now just focuses on a) planning Dinner rides (Picking Restaurant collecting RSVP for head count to give to them. b) Planning Chapter Picnic usually with a committee. c) Christmas/Winter Party. d) Chapter ride challenge] e) Gifts for meetings f) Liaison between Marketing at Sound H-D

Ladies of Harley Officer: encouraging women members to take an active part in chapter activities.

Road Captain: assisting in the planning of routes for chapter rides. [Road Captain here means Head Road Captain. PSHOG has several Road Captains you need to Lead and Sweep one ride a year but can do more. In recent years we do need road captains to help with doing are monthly rides: 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday Ride. The PSHOG Road Captains are responsible for planning and submitting rides to the HEAD RC. This is all outlined in the Road Captains Manual]

Editor: assembling and organizing all forms of chapter communications. Ensures all forms of chapter communications are approved by the sponsoring Dealer/H.O.G.® Manager before publication or distribution. [The primary role is putting together monthly newsletter. This Job goes well with Webmaster]

Safety Officer: providing chapter members with information relating to the availability of rider training. [Backup for running chapter ride class/ride]

Photographer: obtaining and organizing chapter images for use in chapter communications and chapter history.

Historian: preparing and maintaining an account of the history of the chapter. [PSHOG does not use this anymore]

Membership Officer: assisting the chapter secretary in the chapter membership duties. [Now that PSHOG has website, this job is much easier now. It still collecting membership form and money to give to treasurer and entering into website. Most of the activity in website is renewing, then it is just a matter of updating dates. Also, the national data, like mileage and national membership expiration dates need to be updated monthly. The Webmaster helps with this mostly.

Webmaster: assembling and organizing material for the chapter web site, social media sites (if applicable), and obtaining approval from the sponsoring Dealer/H.O.G.® Manager before publication. chapter web site and social media sites must comply with the H.O.G.® Chapter internet Guidelines. [This is maintaining the htttp://www.pugetsoundhog.com. This job goes well with Editor officer]

Chaplain: [This position is not in the national handbook. Local Chapters do it on their own. This person closes our meeting with a quick prayer. This person also helps with memorial rides for members that are not with us anymore.