Ride 365


Whether it's an afternoon getaway or a transcontinental journey of a lifetime, every ride you take brings us closer together. Keep track of your lifetime mileage, because miles count.

Why We Ride

Welcome to Ride 365, the official H.O.G. program for logging your miles. We are excited to be an active chapter with our members riding over 150,000 miles every year. When we ride, we improve our safety, make new friends, find exciting destinations, and build bonds. We also create adventures – overnight rides, chapter rides, and ad-hoc rides with just a friend or two. We prioritize individual and chapter growth and riding together is the best way for us to grow.

Why We Log Our Miles

When we document our miles, we bring recognition to our Chapter and Sound Harley-Davidson as motorcycle leaders in the Pacific Northwest. Leaders in safety, in experience, in riding skills, and in professionalism.

There are individual benefits to logging your miles too. You will receive mileage chevrons for your jacket or vest and you’ll be recognized as a leader in our monthly meetings as you reach each new milestone. We award gift cards throughout the year and you earn points on your Harley-Davidson VISA card for every mile you log up to 50,000 miles.

You are going to put in the miles with our Summer Destination Series rides, our Monthly Challenge rides, our post-meeting fun rides, and your own riding, so get in the habit of logging your miles.

How We Log Our Miles

Logging your miles is easy. Bring your bike(s) in to the dealership, fill out the HOG Mileage Program form, and an employee will verify your info and collect your completed form for the dealership to submit to H.O.G. That’s it; and to make it even easier, you can download the form and populate your information so all you need to do to log your miles is print the form and bring it in with your mileage. You can check your own mileage in the H.O.G. Members Dashboard at https://members.hog.com

Final Word

Have fun out there. Ride safely and often; and whether you ride 100 or 20,000 miles, log your miles. We are a better Chapter when we all participate.