All Active Puget Sound Chapter Members Loaded into Site!!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website! We went live 2/18/2020 which meant we are now

This is great news. Since mid-year 2019 we were without a place to call home on the world wide web and now we are back in action :)

Puget Sound HOG #2052 has joined the HOG[SCAN] family.  This new website and software will allow us to reduce our paperwork, and improve our operations, with new membership management and participation tracking tools. 

We will also be transitioning to new officer email with the domain name “” in the address. For example, [email protected]

As 2/18/2020 the team has been working hard to get all the members loaded into the website as users. We appreciate your patience. :) Since 2/25/2020 all active members have been loaded into the system and you should have received an email inviting you to activate your account on the new website.  If you don't find it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  When you login, please make sure you do the following:


1. Set your username

2. Set your password

3. Fill out your address and phone number

4. Add an "Emergency Contact" (ICE - IN CASE of EMERGENCY)

5. Opt-in to our Text Messages (SMS)


Activating your account is your ticket to the Members Only content. Once you activate your account, you can access our Newsletters, RSVP to events, and the HOG[SCAN] smartphone app.  The app includes our event calendar, and your "Virtual Membership Card".  Just present your Virtual Membership Card to a Road Captain or Chapter Officer at our rides and events for a fast and easy "Check-in". You will also be receiving a new paper card. Stay tuned to this blog, for the latest Chapter news and information. See you on the road!


Thank You, Mike R. and Kate O.




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