Calendar Setup in Google and Phones

Calendar Setup in Google and Phones

Hey Everyone!

Thought I'd put together a little tutorial on how to subscribe to the PUGETSOUNDHOG calendar on your phone.  Many thanks to Russ Hayes of HOG[SCAN] for adding this awesome feature!  The tutorial assumes you have either an iPhone or an Android Smartphone.


To subscribe to the calendar on the iPhone is pretty painless.  Simply click on the Subscribe link!  Your iPhone should pop up a message asking if you want to subscribe to the calendar.  Say yes and the PUGETSOUNDHOG calendar should now appear in the list of calendar's on your phone.  Alternately you can go to the PUGETSOUNDHOG Calendar page and click the Subscribe link at either the top or bottom of the page.


Adding the PUGETSOUNDHOG Calendar to your Android phone isn't quite as easy.  Also bear in mind that with all the different flavors of the Android OS out there - these are pretty general instructions.  Clicking on the link on the calendar page, or even the link above in the iPhone section won't subscribe to the calendar.  In order to subscribe on an Android - you'll need to sign into your Google account on a PC or Mac.  Don't have a google account you say?  Even if you don't use it, the Android OS more or less makes you set one up during the initial setup of the phone (kind of like iCloud on the iPhone).  While it's not required to use the phone, it is necessary to be able to download apps (like HOG[SCAN]!) and use other features.  If you're not sure what your Google account username is - on your phone check out Settings, then Accounts, and you should see it listed there somewhere.

Once you have your Google username (and hopefully password) you'll need to sign into your Google account on your PC or Mac.  Once you've signed in click on the Google Apps link  in the upper right corner of the browser window.  This should display a grid of apps that looks like the grid below.  Click Calendar.

This will bring you to your Google Calendar screen.  On the left side of the calendar screen look for Other Calendars and click the plus sign next to it....

When you click the plus sign a menu will pop up - from the menu choose "From URL" as pictured below...

Now we're getting to the good part!  You'll want to copy this URL - webcal:// and paste it into the From URL box on the page that pops up.  Once you've pasted the link into the URL of calendar box - click Add Calendar.

That's it!  Now you've added the PUGETSOUNDHOG Event Calendar to your Google Calendar!

It will take a few minutes for the calendar to show up on the list of calendars on your phone.  Depending on how you have the calendars set up on your phone - you may need to go into your calendar screen on the phone and select the calendar and/or turn on sync so that changes made to the calendar on the web site show up on your phone.  If you have any trouble with adding the calendar or if it's not updating for you (right now not a whole lot going on but...), just send an email to [email protected] and we'll try to help you out.

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